What I Want: Boy Brows & Flawless Skin

Ok, so on Fridays I tend to post about things that I really want. Well, this post is pretty much about two things that I’ve ALREADY got and love. In fact, I love them so darn much I had to share with you all.

The first, are Glossier’s Boy Brows. I’ve always had thinner eyebrows. I’m not sure if its because I was born that way, or if it is from over threading. But they’ve always been thin. Always. This stuff is great because not only does it fill in your browns where there are patchy spots, but it is also kind of like a hairspray for your brows. You can use the wand it comes with to sort of brush your brows “up” to give them that messy brow look, (aka boy brows) plus it also makes them look fuller. This is a stable in my beauty arsenal now and i’ll probably use it FOREVER.

The second thing I’ve been dying to tell you about is Glossier’s Haloscope. It’s the most magnificent highlighter, like, ever. I use a beauty blender to dab it directly onto the stick and then sponge it on to my face. It gives me a dewy (and natural! Not stripper glitter highlight) I love it! Just a few dabs down the centre of my hose, and around my eyes and cheekbones. Insta flawless skin “look”. 

The Deets: 

Highlighter {Glossier Haloscope $22}  // Brow Gel {Glossier $16}

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