Add interest to a coffee table (inexpensively!)

Geodes… Do you remember those rocks that you cracked when you were little that opened up to little fuzzy looking crystals? 

Styling an Entryway


Styling a beautiful coffee table or credenza is harder than it looks. Sometimes we tend to over think it and just cram a bunch of “stuff” on top and call it a day. What happened to simple? Personally when I find myself styling for a client, I tend to errrr on the side of caution and use as little as possible. Believe it or not, pairing down usually looks better!

One of the ways I create interest without over doing is is to create what I call a Geode Box. Or basically a box of rocks. Still with me?

 Its so simple, and inexpensive yet very affordable to do!

Don’t worry, this isn’t some Pinterest fail. I swear.

Crackable Geodes

Start off with a bag of Geodes. They will look something like this above.

Then, grab a big old hammer and a towel. Place the geodes inside the towel folded over. If you are a klutz like me, wear protective eye wear.

Smash the rocks with the hammer and crack the geodes in half. Or in quarters, or in any number of times you want to. They will look something like this when cracked.

Creating a Geode Box

Place the broken rocks inside of a shadow box with a clear top. I like to place the rocks with the pretty sides facing up. Sometimes the Rocks break in weird ways, but just place the side you like best facing up.


Voila! Place your box ‘o geodes somewhere pretty. I love putting mine at home on this burl wood credenza / bar. It looks so simple, and once you get up close, its fun to look at all the different colors.

Coffee Table Style


 Buffet // Lamps // Panels // Shadow Box // Geodes // Hammer 

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